Jana Jasmine Jean

Jimmy Stewart and I have something in common, a quaint hometown…Indiana, PA.  When I was nine, my father created Fairyland Forrest in Conneaut Lake Park, PA.  This feat had a huge impact on my life.  The park had nursery rhymes, a zoo, and even an outdoor stage.  I was fortunate to work three summers as my Dad’s “magic” assistant.   

My parents were art teachers, and following in their footsteps seemed logical.  Consequently as I grew older, I realized that fitting in their particular fields was not for me.  I made a major decision and attended school in New York City specializing in fashion merchandising.  I spent many years in that area, but later ended up as a single mother.  With the support of my parents, I was able to create a “magic” show for children as "A Fairy Princess".  My life of being timid and bashful ended through the “magic” arena.  I then married, and moved to Eureka Springs, AR, in 2008. 

Beaver Lake is a “magical” place.  Just as my life began with fairy-tale roots, the Lake has provided my imagination to soar, again.  I created Bea and Bealak, “mystical” dragons.  Being a Fairy Princess for twenty years aided me in creating the fairies that raised dragons.  I hope my life messages in this book communicate lessons that may help young people be all they can be.    I am elated to live at the Lake with family, friends, dogs, and my peacocks.


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